Friday, March 02, 2007

Jury Duty

Ok, these are my notes from my day of Jury Duty!

There was only one cute girl out of the approximately 300 people who showed up. She had a big ass though and left when they called out the group for the first case (of three planned cases).

A group of about 15 people were excused and let go early as one of the trial's was cancelled.

@10:30am I've had a coffee (latte FTW!) and two cigarettes.

There is a McMenamins next door and I SO want a Dungeon Burger and a Hammerhead right now.

My preconceived notions about being bored and worrying about my car getting towed: Boredom- Spot on, Towage? Completely wrong.

I am curious about whether the Christian Broadcasting Network being on in the jury room violates anything though. It kind of makes me uncomfortable.

I'd be lying if I said that I couldn't believe that I left my phone at home because it is completely unsurprising. I am, however, fairly disappointed with that being the case.

And if you knew that the courthouse and the jury room are not the same physical structure and you knew me at all, you would likely come to the very true conclusion that I went to the wrong building first. *sigh* The funnest part is that I got to hold up the security line at the courthouse! Yay me! Good times!

I do wish that I had my camera here. But I don't. Because it was stolen. Grrrrr... If they call my number for this case, I hope they have a thief on trial. Partly so I can vote for conviction, but mostly so they can ask me if I would have any bias in the case so I could go home.

Seriously, CBN? I'm really starting to consider creating a trial of my own. If it's not a church/state violation of some sort, it's at least the inhumane treatment of jury workers.

Oh crap! They're calling people for the six day trial! I was like the third one called! I seriously don't want to come here for another week of sitting around being bored. Things may be different if trials were like the Anna Nicole thing or the Michael Jackson trial, or the trials on TV.

Wow, so I'm like juror #3! The only way out is to be excused at this point. Oh yeah and if I didn't mention it before, this is about a manslaughter charge with possibly a second victim! Although nobody was apparently mutilated at the scene of the accident, I guess we'll be seeing some autopsy photos during the trial if I stay. If I don't stay then I just can't say 'we'. So far, only voluntary cuts have been made and the defense attorney has been talking a little, probably trying to probe a little before asking us one-on-one questions.


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