Thursday, March 30, 2006

Great Wednesday!

I got to leave work 2 hours early yesterday! Yay! Too bad it was because I had an appointment with my cardiologist though. I actually like going to that doctor because there isn't anything actually wrong with me now, and I'm always the youngest and best looking guy in the place. haha When I was growing up, my annual checkups consisted of EKG's, X-Rays and blood tests. The EKG's were always kind of fun for me because I felt like I was the 6 Million Dollar Man undergoing bionics tests or something. haha The X-Rays were always kinda' freaky but I do miss that chalky goo they made me swallow for them. The blood tests are the one thing that I am happy are done with for sure though and I don't miss those at all! Nowadays my annual checkups are nothing more than a short conversation with the doctor and every other year I get a follow-up appointment for an echocardiogram which replaces the X-Rays and EKG in one shot. This year they are going to give my heart a stress test by giving me an evaluation on a treadmill. I tried to talk the scheduling person into letting me do the treadmill before the 'echo' but she didn't think I was funny. Now I have to make sure I don't skip any trips to the gym between now and then so I do well on the treadmill test. haha The nurse at my appointment said my blood pressure was "picture perfect". Yay! It's only surprising because I have the worst dietary habits north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Well, when I was done with the doctor, rush-hour was in full swing and I was in a part of town I don't normally venture to. Since I was out that way, I decided it was a good idea to make the small trek out to my old neighborhood of 10 years. I wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant in my old neighborhood because the Mexican restaurants by my place just aren't as good. Dinner was fairly uneventful as the place was pretty empty. The dinner crowd hadn't arrived yet. After a couple of burritos and a couple of strawberry margaritas (I don't care if they're frou-frou, they're good!), I figured I'd stop by my old apartment complex to see what had changed.

Well, as luck would have it, my old apartment manager was still there. I went and talked to her and she gave me the rundown of highlights of the ten months since I moved out, who had come and gone and, of course, the drama. My old place wasn’t in the best area and I actually miss the police activity in and out of the apartment complex, the drunken neighbors fighting, the stripper beating up the schizophrenic prostitute, etc… Ahhhh, the memories. My new apartment is in a much nicer, quieter neighborhood but that means it’s also boring in this regard. When I first got there, my old apartment manager had thought that I was there to ask about my security deposit. I didn’t expect to get it back when I moved much less now. I didn’t clean my old place out at all before I left because the moving itself took way longer than I expected and I simply ran out of time. I have felt bad about leaving it like that ever since I moved because I knew that she would have to take care of it. If I end up getting my security deposit back then that was an unexpectedly good stop! I ended up talking to her for an hour and a half and I had only expected a quick hello, how’s it going, goodbye kinda’ deal so I had left my keys in my car with the battery on. I had car’s electronics, the fan, my radar detector, GPS and FM transmitter all running the whole time. Even at an hour and a half I didn’t expect any real consequences but sure enough… my battery was dead. My last friend in that area wasn’t home so I had to call my Dad to come out and jump-start my car. Fun! haha

My parents live fairly close and about 20 minutes later my Dad showed up and my car was up and running! He donated a set of jumper cables to me… I think that was only so I wouldn’t call him out next time. haha After that I went back to my parents house and helped him install Windows on an old computer that he had just reformatted the hard drive on and in the process got covered in the hair of their shedding golden lab. I also got the proceeds of an iPod case that I had accidentally ordered and that they sold on eBay for me. So I reclaimed the $20 bucks I has spent on dinner earlier that night!


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